A reliable, friendly, helpful, hard-working estate agent, at your beck and call!

 When we assess the market value of your property, we consider the following key factors:

  • The seller’s unique situation: including financial pressure or reason for sale to determine speed of sale.
  • Address and surroundings: a building going up in between you and your view might adversely affect your value, a good school nearby would lift the value.
  • Current market conditions.
  • Prices of comparative properties sold and for sale in the vicinity of your home.
  • Accommodation offered.
  • Condition of interior and exterior of the buildings.
  • Standard of finishes.
  • Additional features and capital improvements


We will not overprice your property as this could adversely affect your final sale price.

  • The property may sit on the market at first and when buyers ask “why hasn’t it sold?” or “what is wrong with it? the outcome is usually a lower sale price than the value.
  • Over-pricing a property can also be problematic if a bond valuer doesn’t find value. This may result in the bank asking the buyer to find extra money, often in the region of hundreds of thousands of Rand.


Once you have appointed us to market your property:  we will perform a more thorough examination of your property to check for latent defects that might affect this valuation, prior to marketing this property.


Our sole mandate service includes:

  • Advertising in a monthly newsletter to over 1000 people called Victoria’s Property Secrets
  • I advertise on the top property websites such as Property24, Private Property, IOL

as well as on Gumtree, SA Home Traders, RE/MAX SA and RE/MAX Global

  • Advertising on Facebook in a boosted post which can reach over 10,000 people
  • Advertising on Facebook community group pages for your area.
  • Videos or virtual tours of your property – if there is time before it sells!
  • Provision of a regular Property Marketing Report
  • A well-designed, bespoke property brochure, with helpful floor plans.
  • We schedule viewings to create the biggest ‘buzz;’ around your property by holding fewer viewings with more purchasers per viewing.
  • We will schedule and supervise your inspection certificates required for transfer ensuring they are as cheap as possible but comply with the law
  • A property condition report that ensures any defects can be easily identified to the purchaser to mitigate any adverse issues after the sale.